Automatic application of cardboard top

Automatic application of cardboard top
  • Application speed:  30pcs/minute
  • Bag format: standing bags (square bottom bags, stabilo bags)
  • Cardboard Top size:  200x107 mm;    245x107
  • Field of use: food products

Automatic solution for the application of a cardboard cover on standing (block-bottom) bags,  realised by means of a pneumatic catching arm together with hot glue dispenser.The automatic cardboard applicator is provided with a special pneumatic grab, which picks the flat cardboard, holds it by air suction, and starts folding it in “U”-shape around the top seal of the bag, until it is completely closed. Some glue was previously sprayed on the area where the cardboard will be applied.The bag is then driven between 2 belts (of 1mt length each) which make the cardboard properly adhere to the bag surface while the glue is drying, thus ensuring a perfect closure.Thanks to this solution, the cardboard application process is completely automized, instead of being realised manually the Operators with the use of a riveter.Also, the cardboard represents a guarantee seal of the package : if removed, the bag or the cardboard itself will break.



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