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How do you open a package while maintaining the freshness of the product?  This problem has occupied the minds of many Manufacturers and is often the source of Consumers dissatisfaction. "The coffee doesn't stay fresh once opened", or "The instant soup powder goes stale", Consumers complain.

SABALPACK together with DI-EL TACK LTD, can offer to worldwide packaging Manufacturers and Professionals a creative solution for maintaining the quality of packaged goods once the package is opened. The solution, a international Patent, is named BEND-SEAL, and consists in a metal piece which is applied on to the back of the package right as the package is being produced. Once the Consumer opens the package, all he has to do  is to fold down twice the open end of the bag: the package will stay well closed, and the product will remain fresh for use after use!

Sistema apri e chiudi
apertura facilitata
chiusura facilitata
zip; reclosable; novità per l'apri e chiudi sacchetti
sacchetto richiudibile
sacchetto con zip
insalata in sacchetto apri e chiudi
ciocclatini con bend seal